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Broke Homeless Cocktail Waitress Becomes Millionaire In Two Years
  • Saturday, August 23, 2019 - 4:18 pm
TEXAS — My name is Dani Johnson and I was never supposed to be successful. Long story short, I was doomed to fail. I grew up in a violently abusive, drug infested home was out on my own at the early age of 19, only to wind up destitute and homeless living out of my car with $2.03 to my name. 
Then something changed.
I started a business from the trunk of my car. In 2 years I made my first million. I then went on to start several successful companies and businesses. 
Today, I’m a multi-millionaire.
Now I could tell you that success came immediately and naturally. But it didn’t. My first 6 months in business I failed miserably. I did not make a single sale and I was living off my credit cards. 
But then I met someone. It was a turning point in my life. He was actually a competitor but I begged him to train me. 
He agreed to teach me under four conditions. By applying these four things I made $4,000 in the first 8 days in the same business I had been failing at for over six months. These four things have become the foundation for my success.
I created a training called First Steps To Success that I have used with my clients for over 30 years. My clients have used this training to produce hundreds of millions of dollars in wealth. 
The good news is I opened my training to the public and I’ve created a free webclass with some of the best content to share those four, secrets if you will, that changed my life and have changed the lives of hundreds of my clients.
It's around 18 minutes and since I know nobody likes spam emails there's no need to opt-in. You can click HERE to watch it instantly.
You're going to see, first hand the four secrets that transformed my business, life and my family and hear some powerful testimonials of others who have done the same thing. Enjoy!
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